What we offer,


The applications for our software solutions are virtually limitless. If you have a
requirement for a level of permissions, identification or authentication, we will
design a solution for you

Time and Attendance

Are you done with connecting passes? Palmvein makes checking in and out easy. Connect your HR-software to automatically add the worked time and attendance.

Access Control

No fuss with keys. With Palmvein you can regulate who is able to enter with just the hand. Easy and fast. Know everything with the uptime monitoring.

COVID Solutions

Check documents directly. Make controlling the COVID passport fast and secure for events and festivals. Check vaccination and testing results

Medical Applications

It happens. There are cases that medication is given to the wrong patient. Identify easy, connect the medical files and regulate the given medications.

Payment and Ticketing

With the fast Palmvein scan there are no cue lines anymore. No hassle with payment or ticket control. Connect everything with your hand.

National Identity

Protect your borders and reduce government costs. With Palmvein it is easy and fast to regulate who enters and who leaves the country.

Why choose Palmvein?

The focus we follow is ensuring safety and service. Palmvein ensures a secure storage of the data. You are in control, because the server where it is stored is owned by you. With our 24/7 – 365 days a year service and contactpoint we are always there for you.


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