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As an innovative and growing business we wanted to ensure a more secure and easy-to-use entry. Therefore we created something new. With developing our own software in combination with endless possibilities of hardware we are able to help any kind of businesses. We want to create a sustainable, secure and safe user friendly platform.

We are already helping other businesses with making an easy way in and out. No more passes for entry, always know who is there, easy clocking in and out and lots of other applies. With our values we ensure that anything is possible with palmvein technology. 


Palmvein is completely GDPR-prove. Safety is our main focus and we ensure that all the data is encrypted and safe (AES-standard). The code cannot be inserted into another system and any authentication still requires a user to scan their palm.


Nothing that needs change. With Palmvein you do not need to change your whole business. We adjust it on how you work. Apply it to all kinds of third party software or systems. Think big. HR- or payroll-system.

Everything is possible.


Think ahead. With Palmvein there is no need for passes or a tag anymore. Here you only need your hand. Identification has never been so secure. 

Replace all passes and tags for Palmvein Technology.


With our system we can guarantee that we can deliver custom jobs for every businesses. We ensure a high-end quality insurance. Adding a style of the to the software and hardware you can make it your own.


The provision of solutions to minimise threats to our client's business operations and personnel to create a safe and secure working envirnoment


To reduce fraudulent lent activity through the implementation of non-invasive, yet highly secure biometric autentification methods

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Palmvein is an innovative solution for lot of businesses in Europe we want to help making a secure working environment. With the endless possibilities we are able to help in every sector and place. Think of entry check, identification, and lots of more possibilities.

Our software makes all data encrypted. With Palmvein you do not need to worry about fraudulent activity in your company.

Dani Gerelings

Director Palmvein Europe B.V.

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Dani Gerelings



Michael Pieneman


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